About Us

We are promoters of environmentally friendly marine transport solutions. We are importers and direct to consumer sellers and we are focused at this time on one product, and one product only, Solliner.

As we are “not a dealership” we are in unique position to sell directly to consumers bypassing current sale models. This leads to creative solutions, and our unique order, sale, and delivery process.

Why are we bringing a product to the US from Europe? Europe has a long track record of environmentally friendly marine tradition. Shipyards in Poland in particular have long history and ship building tradition, and already established “green” marine industry with its supply chain. Electric powered boats are becoming a common sight in Europe and we are not interested in “conversions” to electric from an existing diesel/gas powerboat models. We are bringing in a product designed from ground up to be a marine EV. Designed to be self-sufficient…yet fun and elegant. We think Solliner is such a boat, and we think you will too.