Solar Boat LLC is proud to present our unique order and delivery process.
Step 1:

Use our order page to select your configuration, once you send us your config, we’ll take over and guide you from there. You will have a chance to review and update your design.

Step 2a: With trailer

Once your design is final, and downpayment is received. You will have a chance to order the trailer. We do not make trailers and we do not sell them. We partnered with FastLoad, a local Tampa area trailer manufacturer to sell them directly to you. The trailer is designed and made custom for the Solliner. While you do not have to get the trailer from FastLoad, we cannot be liable from any transport issues or damage to the boat from a trailer that is not authorized by us.

We will mail you a packet with information required to register the trailer in your county. It will contain a self-addressed mail back envelope for you to send us back the plate. We will affix it to your trailer and deliver the boat to you on your trailer. Solar Boat LLC makes no profit on the trailer. Solar Boat LLC will assume all responsibility for the trailer until it is safely delivered to you with the beautiful Solliner sitting right on it.

Step 2b: Without trailer

We understand that many of our customers live right on the water and may not have a need for a trailer. We will deliver your boat to you on our trailer and launch it in the waterway of your choice for you. As long as there is a boat ramp, we can do it. You will take delivery at the dock and will have to drive the boat to its final destination yourself. We would be available however on site for any questions you might still have.

Happy Days on the Water! - Solar Boat LLC team