Energy Storage
Solar Boat LLC Solliner® by Green Dream Boats® features AGM type batteries that are characterized by being low temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant and having low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency. These type of batteries have been safely used in marine applications for decades, and are well suited for continuous slow charging with standard PV panels onboard Solliner®.

With total of 4 batteries on board, total capacity is about 11 kW, enough to run the engine at max power for nearly 5 hours on battery power alone, or 10 hours at just 50% of power, or 20 hours at 25%*.

As it is combined with the constant charging…it results in nearly unlimited range**.

Whether Solliner® is just sitting at the dock, on your trailer, or you are enjoying a boat ride, as long as there is sunlight, it is recharging through the solar panels, getting ready to go whenever you are.

And..for the piece of mind note that Solar Boat LLC Solliner® by Green Dream Boats® features electrical installation products (Isolator, Inverter charger) by award winning European company Victron Energy (most innovative company award [China Boat Show 2017] recipient of 2017 European Battery Management Systems Product Leadership Award)

*Dependent on weather conditions.
**Actual range depends on engine power setting, type of engine used, and environmental conditions.