Power and Maneuverability
Solar Boat LLC Solliner® by Green Dream Boats® features a powerful European made submersible electric engines by E-TECH.

We currently offer two options:

• E-TECH POD 2 (1.9kW/24V/1200 RPM)
• E-TECH POD 4 (4.3kW/48V/1500 RPM)

Both marine engines are cutting edge brushless permanent magnet motors. This offers several advantages:

• Maintenance free.
• Optimal efficiency.
• Compact dimensions.
• High power with max instant torque.
• To optimize efficiency further E-TECH designed from the ground up an advanced air cooled electronic operating system.
Engine design is complemented by a sturdy brass propeller.

Solar Boat LLC Solliner® by Green Dream Boats® also features made in the USA CMC PT-35 Tilt and Trim offering up to 84° of Trim and Tilt, Extruded Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Fasteners.

This translates to better boat handling, sturdy design and lower energy consumption.